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 We provide professional, comprehensive Pro Audio Supply &
Installation Services for corporate, educational, leisure and public
At Commercial Business Services, we still do things the way we would want it done for ourselves! In other words, take the time to do it right. This involves using the best materials, and taking the time to anticipate all future possibilities, from pre-wire, all the way through the install, to educating the operator.

Why would you require Commercial Business Services to be your electronic systems contractor? Simple, we are experienced, knowledgeable, prompt, and professional. We work with you, or your contractor(s) to provide quality professionally installed affordable systems.

All electronic systems that are designed and installed by Commercial Business Services have been custom designed for the client’s needs and industry. Careful considerations are taken for the circumstances that will allow the user easy access and ease of operation. Since every situation is unique no two projects are alike. Commercial Business Services takes the time and effort to design and install systems so that they meet ... more >>

Amina Technologies Ltd.

Over the past 15 years I have had the
pleasure to work with Commercial
Business Services in many pro.
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P.A. Plus Productions Inc.

Commercial Business Services has
consistently provided a high quality level
of service when working on our..
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